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Health Care EMR Electronic Medical Records are the foundation of a worldwide effort to improve patient safety, improve the quality and efficiency of patient care, and reduce healthcare delivery costs. As hospitals and other care delivery organizations move rapidly to implement EMR, they are frequently challenged to integrate systems that electronically track and maintain patient- specific information with existing systems that direct, track and account for the movement of personnel and material. PageMate Automated Messenger software for Windows integrates with Epic to support both in-plant and wide-area broadcast of electronically-generated orders for patient care, including orders for housekeeping, store and maintenance that need to be communicated electronically to mobile personnel. PageMate Automated Messenger also integrates with MyChart to support SMS delivery of text message appointment reminders to cell phones, PDAs and other smart phone devices. Robust and reliable message delivery with support for self-monitoring, automated fail-over and audit trail are sine qua non  requirements for systems that automate, control and support the operation of bet-your-business processes. PageMate is a text message delivery and tracking agent that supports both in-house paging systems and wide-area commercial paging services, interactive web access, message delivery tracking with audit trail, and more than a dozen protocols in worldwide markets. For an overview of PageMate functionality and support for health care EMR environments, click below to download the PageMate for Health Care EMR data sheet.
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