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MOTOTRBO™ Radio Technology MOTOTRBO is a professional two-way radio system that supports both mobile (in-vehicle) and portable (hand-held) radios transmitting both voice and data using TDMA (Time- Division Multiple Access) digital technology over 12.5 kHz narrowband-compliant frequencies. Two-way digital radio is quickly replacing analog for a variety of reasons, including improved voice quality, better range and privacy, regulatory demands and ease of integration with SCADA, plant automation and other digital data systems. MOTOTRBO radios, commonly used in plant automation, emergency response, and similar municipal and industrial dispatch environments, support both voice and text messaging. PageMate Automated Messenger, Version 3.3 and later, provides support for text message dispatch to MOTOTRBO radios from interactive computer users, automated monitoring and supervisory control applications, scripts, command procedures and electronic mail. Client-server architecture supports distributed access to message dispatch services from workstations and applications throughout a plant local area network. Message tracking, self-monitoring, automated fail-over and audit trail provide secure delivery with detail trace and historical reporting.
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