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PageMate supports message dispatch to conventional pagers, call phones, PDAs, MOTOTRBO radios and electronic mail, plus text-to- speech conversion for automated voice delivery in English via telephone and public address systems. PageMate protocol converters, called gateway connectors, can also accept messages encoded in a dispatch protocol like TAP or SNPP and process them for rebroadcast in a different protocol. PageMate dispatches messages through on-site and customer-owned paging systems, including systems from Motorola and Zetron, as well as public and commercial telephone, paging and short message service providers. Some SCADA and industrial process control system manufacturers provide integrated support for PageMate in their distributed control systems products.
PageMate® PageMate is an electronic message dispatch application that accepts text messages from site-specific systems and applications, interactive users, scripts and command procedures, and electronic mail. PageMate provides reliable, trackable, real-time message delivery with audit trail for monitoring, emergency dispatch, plant automation, municipal government and other site-specific applications.
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