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SCADA Systems Systems that are used in plant and industrial automation to monitor and manage automated processes are commonly referred to as Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems. PageMate has been providing robust and reliable electronic messaging support for SCADA systems for more than twenty years. Some industry-leading SCADA systems manufacturers now provide integrated support for PageMate in their distributed control systems products. PageMate architecture was designed from the ground up specifically to serve the unique requirements of automated systems that can impose variable and unpredictable demands on message volume. The distributed nature of SCADA systems requires a client-server architecture that supports operation in heterogeneous networks. Robust and reliable message delivery with support for self-monitoring, automated fail-over and audit trail are sine qua non requirements for systems that automate, control and support the operation of bet-your-business processes. PageMate has incorporated these criteria and characteristics in software architecture since its inception. As electronic messaging and communications technologies have evolved, PageMate has grown from a simple one-way tone- and-text paging utility to a two-way message delivery and tracking agent with support for interactive web access and more than a dozen protocols in worldwide markets. The most recent addition to PageMate's protocol menu is MOTOTRBO Text Messaging Protocol, providing support for message dispatch to two-way portable radios supporting both voice and text using TDMA technology in narrowband radio environments.
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