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PageMate for Zetron Zetron provides paging systems for a wide variety of applications, ranging from small on-site paging systems to large corporate and municipal paging networks. PageMate supports text messaging with TAP and TNPP protocols throughout the Zetron product range, from Model 16 through Series 2000 Paging Terminals. PageMate can accept messages from dispatch operators, plant and system monitoring, SCADA and other site and industrial automation systems, and simultaneously dispatch messages via any mix of up to ten independent channels to large volume systems like Series 2000, together with modem connections to the switched telephone network and IP socket connections to local area networks and the public Internet. Multiple connections operating in parallel to a Series 2000 Paging Terminal provide both increased message capacity and redundancy to help ensure message delivery that is both efficient and reliable. At the same time, PageMate can support text message dispatch through any mix of more than a dozen different protocols on other public and private paging networks, including SMS broadcast to cell phones and annunciation in English via text-to-speech on telephone and plant public address systems. PageMate protocol gateway connectors provide capabilities to accept messages in one protocol and translate or transcode them to a different protocol for delivery to Zetron.  Message tracking, self-monitoring, automated fail-over and audit trail provide secure delivery with detail trace and historical reporting.
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